3 Ways to Get Rid of Acne Scars Fast

Want to know how to get rid of acne scars fast? You're certainly not alone. Acne scars can take months to lighten on their own, and if you have a particular event coming up like a date, party, or ceremony then that just won't do.

If you are prone to bad scarring, acne scars can even take over a year to heal!

In this article I'm going to reveal everything I know about getting rid of acne scars more quickly than nature intends. I'll be leaving out expensive surgical techniques such as dermabrasion or laser surgery, because I am assuming the majority of my readers cannot afford such extreme treatments.

Cocoa Butter:

Cocoa butter not only moisturizes the skin (which is a good thing on its own), it has scar-lightening properties that even work on our arch-enemy the acne scar.

The reason cocoa butter can be an effective scar removal method is because the moisture it provides helps to stimulate the breakdown of the bound proteins which form your acne scars.

When applying cocoa butter, make sure to massage it in a deep, firm, circular motion. You will have to do this several times a day, and the results will not be immediate -- but if you're one of the lucky ones who respond well to this home remedy, then you can start to see some improvement in your skin pretty fast.

Advantages of Using Cocoa Butter for Acne Scars: Pure cocoa butter (avoid the lotions and such, just get the pure stuff) is easily available at most drug stores, and also relatively inexpensive. I pay no more than a dollar for a stick of mine. It also has moisturizing properties, which can make your skin look better regardless of how quickly it fades your scars.

Disadvantages of Using Cocoa Butter for Acne Scars: Does not work for everyone. Has a gradual effect over time, so if you're truly in a hurry to get rid of your acne scars fast then this solution may not be for you.

Conclusion: Cocoa butter probably does not hurt to try, but you may need something stronger.

Vitamin E Oil:

This one is a bit tricky. On one hand, Vitamin E Oil can be extremely inexpensive if you get a generic brand. It's also easily available at just about any health or grocery store.

While I want to sing its praises because many people swear by Vitamin E Oil, the fact of the matter is that people experience mixed results. One problem in particular is that for those sensitive to oil, Vitamin E can actually make their acne worse.

If you do decide to try Vitamin E oil, apply it topically to your skin. Don't make the mistake of using Vitamin E oil as a mousturizer. You need a "barrier" between the oil and your skin. So wash your face with your normal regimen first, apply a mousturizer, and then put the Vitamin E oil on after.

Avoid leaving Vitamin E Oil on your face overnight, or for long periods of time in general. Doing so can clog your pores, leading to worse acne break outs than ever.

If done right, Vitamin E oil has effectively lightened many peoples acne scars. Unfortunately, most of these people have only light scarring to begin with. If you've already tried this and it hasn't given you the results you've wanted, you might be better off with my final solution.

Advantages of Using Vitamin E Oil for Acne Scars: Extremely inexpensive, Vitamin E has many natural health benefits and you can't really go wrong with using this. Just make sure to use it correctly.

Disadvantages of Using Vitamin E Oil for Acne Scars: Those with pores that are sensitive to oil may start to break out after applying Vitamin E oil.

Conclusion: Vitamin E oil is something that many people swear by, but it will not perform miracles if your acne is severe.

Chemical Peeling:

Chemical peeling is perhaps the most effective method to get rid of acne scars, barring the "impractical" methods. Make no mistake about it, this is a heavy duty treatment that isn't for everyone.

Most people who end up using chemical peels are those who are simply fed up and frustrated with their acne scarring and don't mind the sacrifice that this method takes to achieve its results.

Advantages of Using Chemical Peels for Acne Scars: Unlike the other methods which can be done at home, chemical peels, when an effective brand is used, should achieve results rather quickly. Many chemical peels claim results in days, and since you will be using somewhat harsh chemicals to cause your scarred skin to shed, using the peels for longer than a few days is not even advised.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of all is that chemical peeling is not as frustrating to deal with, because its effectiveness is obvious. It either works to peel your skin, or it doesn't. If your skin sheds, so should your scars. There's no prolonged guessing game of "is this ointment really helping my scars, or are they just fading naturally?"

Disadvantages of Using Chemical Peels for Acne Scars: While many people find chemical peeling an affordable alternative, they do require more of a monetary investment than your typical treatment for acne scars.

Once your skin starts to peel, your appearance may be alarming to those around you. For that reason, most people prefer to use chemical peels over a weekend or some time where they have no commitments to work or school.

Conclusion: Chemical peels are not for everyone, as they require a bit of "time off" while your skin peels. Still, for those who can afford them and are not allergic to their ingredients, using skin peeling as a method for getting rid of acne scars fast makes a lot of sense.

If you do elect to choose the chemical peeling method, make sure to do your research and go with a reputable company. You can never be too careful about your health, and you want to use a reliable peel.

I've heard horror stories of people going with a cheaper, "off-brand" peel, only to trade in their acne scars for an even more unsightly rash.

Since skin peeling can be a delicate process, you are definitely going to want to go with a company that offers you support. One such peel is "Skin Culture Peel" -- not only do they have various peels to choose from (to match your time, scar-type, and budget) but they promise to offer support during your process. They also have a 45 day money-back guarantee.

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